Anyone that knows me will understand why I feel that this new series, hosted by the Genghis of Geekdom, Wil Wheaton, is a thing of absolute and pure beauty.  Tabletop is just one of the awesome new programming choices we all get to enjoy with the launch of Felicia Day’s newest creation, Geek and Sundry.  Each episode will feature Wil and his celebrity guests as they play games.  And not just games, but the best games in my opinion, face to face, person to person tabletop games.

The choice of both guests and game for the premiere was perfect.  Seated around the table we had Wil,  Grant “I build robots and blow shit up”  Imahara, Sean “Yes, Starcraft should be its own religion” Plott, and Jenna ” I write about every cool thing ever” Busch.  The choice of game is one of my top 5 favorites, Small World.  I won’t go into any details about Small World, the video does a fantastic job of showing not just how to play, but how much fun it is.

I had a big smile on my face well before I hit play, but what truly sold me on the show is how genuine it all felt.  This is how it is when I sit with my friends and play games.  The show blended not only the concept of introducing folks to not only the game and how it plays, but also gave a great glimpse as to why we play games in the first place.  It isn’t about winning, it is about the friendship, the smiles and laughs and trash talk that surrounds the table.  No matter how bad my week has been, a round of games with my friends will always cheer me up.

The only bad things I can say about the show is that I want that gorgeous Geek Chic table they played on, and I so want to play with these folks.  Game on everybody, things are coming up all 3′s for us geeks.

On a side note, I work at a game store and we already sold one copy of Small World because someone watched Tabletop.

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5 Responses to “Tabletop”

  1. I loved this as well. It felt like I was watching a session from a gathering of my friends. So would love to play these games with them

  2. admin says:

    Exactly, I think it is that down to earth, real game play feel that will make this show a success.

  3. UberDorkGirlie says:

    hee hee you already know the first words out of my mouth after watching it was “I WANT TO PLAY SMALL WORLD!”

  4. admin says:

    and play you shall….

  5. Yoga says:

    It was so exciting to see you playing, I had to order the game afterwards. And it came today! I will play tonight my first round Small World. Thank all of you for bringing this lovely game to my attention :)