My (Rather Late) Gen Con Rehash

After a several year gap, I finally returned to Indy and Gen Con.  I’ll readily admit to still being a tad bitter ever since the granddaddy of all gaming cons left my hometown of Milwaukee, but I can offer almost nothing but praise for the way Indy treats the con (my actual only bit of dislike other than the distance is that funky downtown smell).  Indy has wholly embraced Gen Con and many of the food and drink venues downtown cater to gamers, many even having special menus for the week of the con.

Then we have the food trucks, of the glorious, glorious food trucks.  Never have I seen such a wonderous selection of mobile foodstuffs.


But, Gen Con isn’t about food (though we need our fuel for those all night sessions).  Nope, Gen Con is about games.  There are thousands of events to play in, and the mind boggles at the immensity of the on site catalog.  This doesn’t even count the dozens and dozens of demos happening on the dealer floor either.

There were a few highly anticipated games premiering at Gen Con.  One of the biggest was the new Firefly board game from GF9.  I never got a chance to play it myself, but I stood around and gaped like a slack jawed yokel while others had fun flyin’ around the verse, hirin’ crews, and just generally bein’ all shiny.


There are also plenty of games that don’t have the kind of buzz that a Firefly would, and Gen Con is a great place to sample many new games.  I got to try out DeepWars.  This is a miniature skirmish game where all the action take place underwater.  I’m not completely sold on the mechanics yet, but they didn’t completely turn me off either.  Plus, the sculpts are beautiful.


Gen Con also brought us our first real look at Malifaux 2nd Edition.  The new core book flew off the racks, and no surprise there as this is my current favorite when it comes to minis.  I played a bit in the Malifaux Achievement League as well, scoring a couple of wins and having a great time running my Lady Justice Crew.

No trip to the dealer floor would be complete without  a stop and drool at the Cool Mini booth.  They had some nice displays for running demos of Dark Age and Wrath of Kings.


Rivet Wars is another game Cool Mini has coming soon that looks so freakin’ cool I could punch a Yeti.

Level 7 Omega Protocol from Privateer Press was another fun one I got to tinker with, think Resident Evil the board game and you get a bit of an idea.


There were a few other highlights from the trip, one being a delightfully fun show put on by the Doubleclicks.  If you haven’t heard any of their music before, I highly recommend it.


Though I would be remiss if I didn;t say that I had a massive fanboy moment when I got to play against Wil Wheaton in giant sized Star Trek Catan.  And, even though I fell to gaming prowess of Wil, it was a blast all around.


There was also a lot of cosplay, all of it welcome, and much of it simply brilliant in its design and workmanship.  I’ll have a separate post going up later this week that will showcase some of that.

All in all I had more fun at this Gen Con than I did at the last few I attended.  I played more games, met more of my online friends, and slept as little as possible.  That is a trio of wins right there.  Next year looks unlikely for me, but I can always keep my fingers crossed and hope.


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