What is an UberDorkCafe?

Well, what it is right now is just an idea of a wonderfully smart and geeky gal.  But, it is an idea in motion, and idea with wheels, or wings, or tracks, or anything you want to give it that gives it momentum.  The world is full of coffee shops, cafes and the like.  Many have their own little intricacies that make them unique, but how many of them truly cater to the geeks, the nerds, the dorks, the gamers, artists, and dreamers, a safe haven for those that can quote Star Wars, recite rules for Warhammer, tame Halo 3 one handed, knit while blindfolded, paint murals of Daleks.

Now, one may ask, if this was possible, if such a thing could truly be, why is it no one has done it before.  Well, maybe someone has, somewhere, or something like it.  But, here, in Milwaukee, there is no such beast as this.  There may be those that will trek many miles for a good coffee house, but there are those of us that say “I want my own place.”  That is what the UberDorkCafe will bring.  It will be not just a meeting place for the geeks, but a welcoming place for all.  It will cater to those that have their own geek offspring, dreamers and artists and nerds to be.  It will offer great coffee, good food, and a fun atmosphere.  There will be music, and movies, and art, and gues speakers, classes and lectures. it will be for friends and family, young and old.

Wait a minute, this seems to be a pretty rosy picture you are trying to paint for us.  I admit, it is a grand vision, but it is an achievable one.  It will take time, effort, patience, hard work, but it is coming.  Prepare yourself for the UberDorkCafe.

4 Responses to “What is an UberDorkCafe?”

  1. This… sounds AMAZING! I love UberDorkGirlie!! Best wishes, and thanks for the write-up, NakedHobo!

  2. admin says:

    Yes, it will be a place of awesomeness filled with people of awesomeness!

  3. Michael Pape says:

    I’ll go there. Just don’t make me play the Halo board game.

  4. admin says:

    You’ll be playing the Apex board game Mike.